German-Turkish Co-Production Development Fund

Institution: Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg (MBB), Film Fund Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, Istanbul International Film Festival


In order to encourage the cooperation of producers in Turkey and those in the regions of Berlin-Brandenburg and Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg (MBB), the Film Fund Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein and the Istanbul International Film Festival - Meetings on the Bridge (mandated by the Turkish Ministry of Culture) have agreed to support the development of film and transmedia projects that have the potential to develop into high quality films that will attract audiences in both countries and in Europe.

Who can apply


  • co-productions between at least one Turkish producer and a German producer
  • the German producer should be based in the region of Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein or Berlin-Brandenburg
  • the participation of the majority co-producer should not exceed 80% and the participation of the minority co-producer should not be lower than 20%


  • Turkish–German co-productions
  • support can be granted for the development (in exceptional cases, production support) of full-length feature films or creative documentary films aimed at a cinema release in at least Turkey and Germany
  • transmedia and TV film projects may be supported in exceptional cases
  • must be of high artistic quality and display the potential to attract cinema audiences in at least Turkey and Germany

Funding available

Main conditions:

  • the amount of the financial aid must not exceed 80% of the total development costs. Producers own investment must amount to at least 20%
  • the support is granted as a conditionally repayable, interest free, loan
  • the loan must be repaid on the first day of principal photography or as determined in the specific funding agreement
  • the loan is normally paid in three instalments: 60% after signature of the loan agreement; 30% after delivering a developed script and 10% after approval of final costs

Contact details

Teresa Hoefert de Turegano
International Co-Productions (incl. Documentary), Experimental Films and Development Projects
Tel: +49 331 743 8725

Eligible candidates

  • Company based in the region
  • Local Co-producer

Types of funding available

  • Development and Production Support

Applications accepted from

  • Germany
  • Turkey