Networking Days 2020

The Networking Days are going hybrid! Join us on location in Halle (Saale) and via livestream on 17 & 18 October

While the factual industry is experiencing significant change, adapting its practices to the current circumstances, these special times also open doors for transformation and new opportunities.

Therefore, on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of Documentary Campus, the Final Pitching of the Masterschool aka the Networking Days will take place at our SILBERSALZ Science and Media Festival offering a programme filled with pitches, films, art works and performances.

On the first day of the Networking Days we will present projects developed at our Masterschool and Campus Latino training programmes as well as selected Documentary Campus member projects. The second day of the pitching will focus on science presenting the SILBERSALZ Science & Media Pitch.



Masterschool Pitching
For a little preview take a look at our 15 Masterschool pitches here Masterschool projects in development.

Campus Latino Pitching
In partnership with the Goethe-Institut Mexiko we are proud to present 3 selected projects from our training programme for Latin-American filmmakers.

Documentary Campus Member Pitch
We will present 2 selected projects from the Documentary Campus Members


SILBERSALZ Science & Media Pitch
The SILBERSALZ Science & Media Pitch is proud to present 10 exciting science projects from 6 different countries. Both scientists and media professionals will pitch their latest science projects to you.


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The current situation in Germany allows us to make a first step back into the world of physical events. We will ensure the protection of our guests and team through a professional safety and hygiene concept, that we already successfully implemented at the SILBERSALZ events in June 2020.
Until very recently, we were hoping to be able to realise our event at least with a few representatives of the industry to give you all a chance to meet together in person again. Evaluating the current situation, too many of our guests would be exposed to Corona-related quarantine rules. Too many of them cannot travel at all. For this reason, we had to take the decision - very heavily hearted - to ask our guests and audience to take part and observe the Networking Days online. Therefore, we ask you to join us online:

Register now for free and join us via livestream.



• Natalia Arshavskaya, Current Time TV / USA
• Mohammed Belhaj, Independant Documentary Supervisor / Qatar
• Thomas Beyer, MDR / Germany
• Claudia Bucher, ARTE G.E.I.E. / France
• Mandy Chang, BBC / UK
• Julia Cort, PBS WGBH / USA (tbc)
• Flore Deroose, Ruptly
• Adam Gee, Online Video Expert / UK
• Caroline Haidacher, ORF / Austria
• Marita Hübinger, ZDF / Germany
• Hanka Kastelicová, HBO Europe / Czech Republic
• Martin Kowalczyk, BR / Germany
• Guy Lavie, yesDocu / Israel
• Naida Mandich,TRT / Turkey
• Laurène Mansuy, ARTE France / France
• Markus Nikel, RAI / Italy
• Jackie Murphy, Al Jazeera Media Network / UK
• Dirk Neuhoff, NDR/ Germany
• Sonja Scheider, BR / Germany
• Chris Schmidt, PBS WGBH / USA
• Sarah Elena Schwerzmann, ARTE G.E.I.E / France
• Bernd Seidl, SWR / Germany
• Kay Siering, Spiegel TV / Germany
• Simon Staffans, ReThink, / Finland
• Marketa Stinglova, Czech TV / Czech Republic
• Melanie Wallace, WGBH NOVA / USA
• Natalie Weber, SR /ARTE / Germany

Sales Agents
• Ben Bassauer, Monoduo / Germany
• Hanne Biermann, Deckert Distribution / Germany
• Robin Brinster, Illumina Films / the Netherlands
• Michaela Cajkova, Filmotor / Czech Republic (tbc)
• Kate Chapman, Journeyman Pictures / UK
• Vesna Cudic, MetFilm Sale / UK (tbc)
• Katrin Fürnkranz, Autlook / Austria
• Bianca Laschalt, Kloos & Co. Medien, Rise and Shine / Germany
• Catherine Le Clef, Cat & Docs / France
• Jan Rofekamp, Film Transit International / Canada
• Valentin Romero, 3boxmedia / Germany
• Louise Rosen, Louise Rosen, Ltd. / USA
• Irena Taskovski, Taskovski Films Ltd. / UK
• Michael JM Treves, JMT Films / Israel
• Esther van Messel, First Hand Films, / Switzerland

• Leena Pasanen, Biografilm Festival / Ittaly

• Heidi Tao Yang, Hot Docs / Canada

• Raney Aronson-Rath, PBS Frontline / USA
• Udo Bremer, ZDF / 3sat / Germany
• Ruby Chen, CNEX Studio & CNEX Foundation / China
• Kristin Feeley, Sundance Documentary Creative Lab / USA
• Christina Herßebroick, MDR / Germany
• Ann-Christin Hornberger, ZDF / Germany
• Jutta Krug, WDR / Germany
• Fabio Mancini, RAI TRE / Italy (tbc)
• Proinsias Ni Ghráinne, TG 4 / Ireland
• Soeren Schumann, RBB / Germany
• Siegfried Steinlechner, ORF / Austria
• Alexander von Harling, ARTE G.E.I.E / France
• Debra Zimmermann, Women Make Movies / USA

Sales Agents
• Kathryn Bonnici, Java Films / France
• Anais Clanet, Reservoir Docs / France
• Georg Gruber, magnetfilm / Germany
• Juan Solera, Sideway Films / UK

• Jane Mote, The Whickers / UK



• Marie Beuzard, ARTE France / France
• Thomas Beyer, MDR / Germany
• Steve Crabtree, BBC Studios / UK
• Carsten Dufner, MDR Wissen / Germany
• Caroline Haidacher, ORF / Austria
• Christina Herßebroick, MDR / Germany
• Dagmar Mielke, RBB/ARTE / Germany
• Dirk Neuhoff, NDR / Germany
• Markus Nikel, RAI / Italy
• Jeanne Rubner, BR / Germany
• Ricarda Schlosshahn, ZDF / Germany
• Tobias Schultes, ZDF / Germany

Sales Agents
• Hanne Biermann, Deckert Distribution / Germany
• Jouni Kantola, Bertafilm / Italy
• Linda Kujawski, Albatross World Sales, Germany
• Valentin Romero, 3boxmedia / Germany
• Michael JM Treves, JMT Films / Israel

Funds / Foundations
• Iain Dodgeon, Wellcome / UK

• Raney Aronson-Rath, PBS Frontline, USA
• Udo Bremer, ZDF / 3sat, Germany
• Tom Coveney, BBC / UK
• Sue Dando, CBC / Canada
• Katharina Finger, ZDF / Germany
• Jess Gormley, The Guardian / UK
• Marita Hübinger, ZDF / Germany
• Daniele Jörg, WDR / Germany
• Jutta Krug, WDR / Germany
• Jackie Murphy, Al Jazeera Media Network / UK
• Anna Schytt, SVT / Sweden
• Yuri Sudo, NHK / Japan
• Melanie Wallace, NOVA/WGBH / USA
• Akira Yoshizawa, NHK / Japan

Funds / Foundations
• Ruby Chen, CNEX Studio & CNEX Foundation / China
• Jess Harrop, Sandbox Films / USA
• Gesa Jones, VolkswagenStiftung / Germany
• Jane Mote, The Whickers / UK

Sales Agents
• Georg Gruber, Magnetfilm, Germany
• Pauline Mazenod, Windrose / France
• Charlotte Dupuy, Windrose / France

• Sonia Epstein, Museum of the Moving Image / USA

Science Associations
• Ivette Modinou, British Science Association, UK


Networking Days
Volkspark Halle
Schleifweg 8a
06114 Halle (Saale)


Halle is located in the south of Sachsen-Anhalt in 45km distance to the city of Leipzig. Getting here by plane

Many cities in the world have direct flight connections to the airport of Leipzig/Halle.

The airport is conveniently connected to the city via train. With the S5 or S5X lines of the S-Bahn Mitteldeutschland you can go directly to the Leipzig / Halle Airport (for example from Halle, Leipzig, Altenburg and Zwickau). Travel time from the main station Halle: 10min.


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Oct 16, 2020 to Oct 18, 2020
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Masterschool 2020
Volkspark Halle, Germany