CineLink Talks in partnership with Sarajevo Film Festival and Screen International

For the first time Documentary Campus is partnering with Sarajevo Film Festival to present 5 online industry talks in the frame of the CineLink Industry Days – the festival’s industry section. The CineLink Talks offer a rich programme of masterclasses, debates and panel discussions intended dealing with key issues the film industry faces. We will be online between 15-19 August 2020 each day at 7 pm (CEST) via Screen International.

All talks will be available on this page after they have been broadcasted live.


Saturday, 15 August, 7-8 pm (CEST): Radical New Strategies for Distribution
A panel and a call to action. How can we maintain plurality and originality? Rejecting current unequal structures that inhibit access to audiences, where all rights deals don’t empower content creation, demands radical changes. Transparency, a fuller spectrum of voices, new distribution pathways.

Speakers: Karin Chien (Producer, Distributor, dGenerate Films), Jamie Dobie (Executive Director, Peace is Loud), Elhum Shakerifar (Producer, Curator & Distributor, Hakawati), Hebe Tabachnik (Curator & Festival Programmer)
Moderator: Paula Vaccaro (Producer, Pinball London)

Sunday, 16 August, 7-8 pm (CEST): Can Platforms and TV Work Together?
The future of collaborations in content creation is a riddle only a few dare try to solve. The dance among producers, televisison commissioners, platforms and financiers is ahead of us. What’s at stake for OTT and TV, and what can each do to ensure a sustainable future for creators? Can we find a way to re-imagine this landscape through discussing what has worked and what seems a challenge?

Speakers: Carolina Bilbao (VP Programming and Development, Cinelatino), Alex Garcia (Producer, AG Studios), Ivar Køhn (Head of Drama at NRK), Diego Piasek (SVP International Development MGM International TV), Joyce Pierpoline (Producer, Pierpoline Films)
Moderator: Paula Vaccaro (Producer, Pinball London)

Monday, 17 August, 7-8 pm (CEST): In Conversation with Veena Sud
An encounter with Veena Sud, iconic creator, showrunner and director (The Killing, Seven Seconds, The Stranger). Veena shares her experiences about surviving as an artist/woman of colour in the United States with its troubled and fraught history of race and immigration. Further topics include how the intersectionality of race, ethnicity and gender has shaped her work, and the dance BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and people of colour) artists do in an industry that has historically been and is now dominated by white male filmmakers and their gaze. Part presentation, part Q&A – submit your questions!

Moderator: Paula Vaccaro (Producer, Pinball London)

Tuesday, 18 August, 7-8 pm (CEST): Anti-Racism and White Supremacy: Will the Market Catch Up with Much-Needed Change?
Can Europe face and catch up with real diversity? How can film and content creators push to dismantle Europe’s mainly white (and mainly male) stance? A panel with an anti-racist POV tackles our inherent racism and the challenges in our markets. An attempt to deliver a forward-thinking honest vision of our values for the future.

Speakers: Sarah-Tai Black (Director, Royal Cinema), Uzma Hazan (Producer, Little House Productions), Matthijs Wouter Knol (Director of the European Film Market), Maria Magdalena Tunkara (Influencer)
Moderator: Paula Vaccaro (Producer, Pinball London)

Wednesdy, 19 August, 7-8 pm (CEST): Imagening a Radically New Way to Curate and Review

If gatekeeping starts with festivals and reviewers, how can we demand that selections understand intersectionality and a plurality of voices? BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and people of colour) film programmers and film reviewers are joining forces to support a shift of power, making sure their views are also on the table. Pivoting power, upholding new visions and punching centre stage to push for views of taste and quality beyond what is “allowed” by the current market, they work to reach wider and diverse audiences.

Speakers: Kaleem Aftab (Film critic), Bedatri Choudhury (Film critic), Faridah Gbadamosi (Film programmer), Elma Tataragic (Film programmer)
Moderator: Paula Vaccaro (Producer, Pinball London)

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Introduction by curator and moderator Paula Vaccaro

"In the early 1990s, I was a journalist in my native Argentina, and a dear colleague used to mock my travels. They were too frequent and too brief for someone living in Buenos Aires, a faraway land in the southern hemisphere. “You think the world is an apartment,” he repeated. I wasn’t a jet-setter but the daughter of a working-class single mum who was a student of psychology and a flight attendant. Yes, I sort of thought the world was an apartment, and my stand-by tickets were either free or barely USD100. Fast-forward almost thirty years; I left Argentina over two decades ago, became a film producer and scriptwriter, and made London my home. I carried my Italian and Spanish heritage across the ocean. I became an Argentine, known as someone who does not feel from anywhere but has everywhere inside. Married a New Yorker, gave birth to an English kid. Yes, from the living room to the bedroom, short steps, long steps, and back again.

In all these years, I have had the privilege of working with filmmakers from many latitudes who have given me the chance to experience world cinema with real meaning. I am very grateful to the Sarajevo Film Festival, CineLink and the Documentary Campus for inviting me to imagine the talks of the 2020 edition of the festival, and for giving me so much freedom to design them. The programme you are going to experience live at home, online, in the unimaginable year of COVID-19, is the product of my whole self: traveller, artist, producer, writer, journalist, woman, mother, wife, immigrant, storyteller, other, educator and film lover. Saying the past few months have been unexpected is an understatement. We have been organised and chaotic. Emotionally drained and resourcefully resilient. We are all experiencing the same forces unable to predict the future. This is an attempt at self-reflection.

This carefully curated selection of rebels, boundary-pushing colleagues, visionaries and real icons are all people I respect and admire. They are inspiring humans and change-makers related to more than twenty countries from around the world (by birth or residence!). These are people who are turning our business of film and television on its head, moving the parts we need to move to make it better. They shine a light on collaboration, inclusivity, creativity, gatekeeping, and the future of the art and business of our métier. Bringing radical love directly to your home.

May these talks bring you food for thought and joy, delivering the connectedness we are missing from our time apart. May this programme lead with hope and far-reaching ideas for our industry. We, like the world, need real change.

In the early days after the killing of George Floyd, Ivirlei Brookes, an actress and storyteller, was speaking about the events from her heart. Her video talking about trauma and racism went viral. She spoke softly and urgently: open it up, open it up she asked. “I see you, and hear you,” I replied online. Here is a proposal for a door. Step in, we will talk about it all."

Paula Alvarez Vaccaro is a producer, scriptwriter, visual artist, educator and the founder of Pinball London Ltd, a production company based in London.

Aug 15, 2020 to Aug 19, 2020
DC Initiative
Masterschool 2020
Online, Bosnia and Herzegovina