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MARKETS, STRATEGIES AND OPPORTUNITIES: How our industry is influenced by Covid-19 and what we can learn from it!

The Documentary Campus Masterschool is coming to Cologne in a virtual format instead of an on-site workshop this year and exclusive content will be published online! Four international experts will share their insights on the current impact of the corona crisis on the documentary film industry and also talk about the opportunities it offers. Topics include archive films, impact strategies or the shifting market in times of crisis. What creative solutions do archives offer, how do media professionals continue to reach their audience through impact strategies and how are the markets for documentary content changing?

Our keynote speakers are:

Keynote on Impact Producing by Sarah Mosses, CEO, Together Films, UK
Keynote on Distribution & Sales by Esther van Messel, CEO, First Hand Films, CH
Keynote on Archive by Elizabeth Klinck, Archive Producer, CAN
Keynote on Producing by Paula Vaccaro, Founder & Producer, Pinball London, UK

Hosted by Dr. Claudia Schreiner, Head of Studies, Documentary Campus Masterschool.

The program is produced by Documentary Campus in partnership with:

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Sarah Mosses on Impact Producing

Corona has impacted our everyday life. How can filmmakers reach their audiences in these times and campaign for their film’s cause? A keynote on impact producing during and after Covid-19 giving practical tools for filmmakers now.

Please note: This keynote was recorded before the protests began in the US following the murder of George Floyd. Together Films wants to acknowledge the importance of film as a medium for education to support awareness of racial injustice around the world. The past few days have shown why it is vital that we mobilise as a community for dignity and human rights. Please consider supporting organisations who are fighting for racial justice across America.

Sarah Mosses – CEO, Together Films, UK
Sarah Mosses is the Founder & CEO of Together Films, a marketing, distribution & data company in London. Together Films work with filmmakers to craft Impact Distribution Campaigns to increase both their social impact, audience reach and revenue potential. Since the industry fall-out from COVID-19, Together Films have been leading the way in researching online digital platforms for film screenings and working alongside various organisations to troubleshoot the issues they are facing.

Esther van Messel on Distribution & Sales

With film productions on hold, film festivals cancelled, cinemas closed and audiences seeking content online – how will the market of TV and streaming platforms change? Who will be the winners? A keynote on market developments (distribution and sales of factual content) during and after Covid-19 offering some insight to filmmakers on how they can prepare.

Esther van Messel – CEO, First Hand Films, CH

Esther van Messel founded First Hand Films in 1998 with offices in Zurich and Berlin. She previously was Head of Distribution at Warner Bros. Israel. First Hand Sales is responsible for world sales of documentaries and fiction films and acts as executive producer for selected projects.

Elizabeth Klinck on Archive

With many genres of filmmaking and content production “on hold” how can archive-driven documentary projects offer creative solutions? Why have programmers turned to this genre to fill their ever-growing need to satisfy an increasing number of viewers? A new public archive is emerging as plentiful material is currently being released online all over the world in form of podcasts, home videos and more. How can these sources be used and how credible are they? In short, how has the archive world changed in the past few months? A keynote on the opportunities of working with archive material during and after Covid-19, the chances it offers and what filmmakers need to know about its use.

Elizabeth Klinck – Archive Producer, CAN

Elizabeth Klinck has worked as producer, researcher and clearance specialist on numerous North American and European documentary projects that have garnered Emmy, FOCAL, Peabody and Oscar awards.

Paula Vaccaro on Producing

Corona brought our industry down to a level of nearly non- existence with running productions being put on hold worldwide. How can we continue to create content, what needs to be considered and what are the ethical obligations do documentary filmmakers need to consider? A keynote on producing factual content during and after Covid-19 offering some insight to filmmakers what to consider.

Paula Vaccaro – Founder & Producer, Pinball London, UK

Paula Vaccaro is an award-winning British-Italian Producer, Executive Producer and screenwriter. She founded Pinball London in 2009 specialising in films and series with author’s stamp for international audiences. She is also a member of the Board at the European Producers Club and an EWA - European Women Audiovisual Network - member and mentor.

Links to articles and information mentioned in Paula's talk:

"The Ethics of Documentary Production in a Pandemic" by Carrie Lozano

"Independent Documentary - Filming in the Time of Corona"

Jun 9, 2020
DC Initiative
Masterschool 2020
Virtual Cologne, Germany