Craft Summit in partnership with Sheffield Doc/Fest

We are delighted to be working again with Sheffield Doc/Fest to bring you The Craft Summit, which will run on Saturday 8 June, during this year's festival.

The Craft Summit is a day dedicated to the techniques and tech that goes into non-fiction film and programme-making, from shorts to features. The creative minds behind many of the films in this year’s programme will explore how they have developed their craft, the creative choices they make, and the tools and workflows they use. Whatever your level of filmmaking, the day will provide ideas, inspiration and practical advice to help you in your work. Speakers have been chosen from around Europe and further afield to give a wide range of perspectives.

The Craft Summit is curated and moderated by Krishan Arora, international content consultant for Australian broadcaster SBS Australia, in partnership with Documentary Campus and Sheffield Doc/Fest


10:00 - Through the Eyes of the Other

We explore the craft of directing through films in this year’s Doc/Fest that focus on a central character. Taking us deep into their films and filmic method, directors on the panel will explore their approaches to character and taking the audience into their world. How does the relationship work, and what happens if it goes wrong?

  • Moderator: Krishan Arora
  • Participant(s): Jeanie Finlay, Tim Travers Hawkins

11:00 - Close to the Edit

Some say that the cutting room is where the real documentary magic happens. With stories from their recent work, hear the insight and experience of leading editors on their role in the creative process. What's the relationship between director and editor in the cutting room? How different is editing for TV and cinema? And should the director always be close to the edit?

  • Moderator: Krishan Arora
  • Participant(s): Joelle Alexis, Maya Hawke

12:00 - Filming the Unfilmable

How do documentary filmmakers tackle the most taboo of subjects and tell stories that can’t be shared openly, while respecting the ethical, legal and personal sensitivities of the people involved? This session will look at radical and hybrid formats in bringing such subjects to screen, and explore the innovative techniques used by directors working in film and TV.

  • Moderator: Krishan Arora
  • Participant(s): Colette Camden, Carl Javer

14:00 - Picturing the Planet

Images of the natural world - and humankind’s impact on it - are a powerful way to raise awareness and encourage action. But does showing the beauty of the natural world detract from what we’re doing to it? What are the different ways to film environmental stories? In this session, cinematographers will discuss their approaches, and give us behind the scenes stories to their most memorable shots.

  • Moderator: Krishan Arora
  • Participant(s): Zoe Broughton, Brett Story

15:00 - Sound Unbound

Sound is sometimes sidelined by the dominance of image and story in documentary making. And yet it can have a powerful effect on the audience, working in a more evocative and subliminal way on our perception of the film. Focussing on documentaries at this year’s festival which immerse the audience in sound, we will explore with their designers how the audio landscape is integral to the cinematic experience.

  • Moderator: Krishan Arora
  • Participant(s): Johana Ožvold, Martin Ožvold, Dominic Strycharski

16:00 - Short and Smart

What are the aesthetics of filmmaking using smartphones? Is the way we make documentaries changing fast enough to adapt to the ways people are viewing them? Filmmakers coming at short filmmaking from different perspectives will talk about their own work, how the equipment they use changes what they can make, and how the way they make their films helps in finding their audience.

  • Moderator: Krishan Arora
  • Participant(s): Jessie Currie, Victoria Mapplebeck

The day will end with the Craft Summit Drinks at 17:00, Saturday 8 June.


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Jun 8, 2019
Sheffield, ITV Town Hall, Reception Room A, United Kingdom, Unit, United Kingdom