CPH:CONFERENCE in partnership with CPH:DOX

CPH:CONFERENCE is a unique 5-day industry event exploring the intersections of film, art, technology, science & social entrepreneurship.

CPH:CONFERENCE offers an intensive programme of case studies, keynotes, workshops and discussions on the most trending topics of our industry. The event brings together professionals from the worlds of film, art, technology, science and social entrepreneurship to share knowledge, cultivate new networks and spark collaboration across sectors. Each one of the five days of the conference is dedicated to a different theme and is carefully orchestrated by internationally renowned curators.

The conference is open to all accredited guests as well as the public and takes place Monday 25 to Friday 29 March at 10:00-17:00 at festival center Kunsthal Charlottenborg in central Copenhagen.

Monday 25: SCIENCE & FILM

The conference kicks off with a day dedicated to science and cinema, and to the creative exchange between the two. With continued support from the Lundbeck Foundation, CPH:DOX returns with its popular CPH:SCIENCE programme to celebrate the value of science in society in the “Age of Misinformation” with increasingly curious definitions of what constitutes fact. Curated by Greg Boustead of Science Sandbox, we will hear from the most celebrated independent artists, directors, producers, and academics in the world, when we unpack and explore new approaches to science storytelling.

Detailed programme for SCIENCE & FILM

The internet is broken. Silicon Valley has sold us. The anthropocene is upon us. But besides delving into these matters, on the second day of the conference we also highlight how another future is possible. Artists, broadcasters and technologists are mobilising to point the way out of this. Join forces with just some of them and curator Mark Atkin of Crossover Labs at the Art-Tech-Change conference.

Detailed programme for ART, TECHNOLOGY & CHANGE

Thom Powers, host of the Pure Nonfiction podcast, conducts six probing interviews with documentary makers working at the top of their field. The directors will share insights from their careers and their latest works. We’ll hear how they overcame major obstacles to create lasting works. The day will span a wide array of documentary styles – from the archive driven work to the epic series. This is a rare opportunity to hear from so many leading practitioners, all in one day. Catch the conversations live before listening to the podcasts!

Detailed programme for DOCUMENTARY MASTERS

The film industry is changing rapidly. The mega-platforms are disrupting traditional production, distribution and exhibition; public and private broadcasters are evolving; and digital technologies including blockchain are helping to break down old models. How to plan for what the future will bring? Join curator Wendy Mitchell of Screen International and a number of experts to discuss how to navigate the current landscape and cut through the noise to reach today’s audiences on this day of the conference.

Detailed programme for FUTURE OF THE DOC MARKET

What does artistic autonomy mean in cinema today? Can cinema across genres still act as a medium of personal expression and cultural significance? And how do these translate during a time of increasing awareness around notions of identity, diversity and gender equality in our culture at large? Who is given the platform to tell their story and how? Join curator Vanja Kaludjercic of MUBI to find out on the last day of our conference.

Detailed programme for THE ART OF CINEMA

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Accreditation to CPH:DOX is open, so don’t hesitate to apply and get ready for CPH:DOX. Go here to learn more!

Mar 25, 2019 to Mar 29, 2019
Copenhagen, Denmark