Science - The Great Narrative Experiment in partnership with Sunny Side of the Doc

27 June 2018
10.00 - 11.00 am
Auditorium / Espace Encan

Science storytelling is the 'guinea pig' in an experiment that, if successful, may change the way audiences consume science. New narratives are being tested, risks taken, and the line between traditional TV and digital platforms blurred. Each of our guests has come at the challenge from a different angle. Long running TV science brands, CBC's The Nature of Things and PBS’s NOVA, are hybridising and tinkering with formats in ways they wouldn't have dreamed of a decade ago. "Real Screen 100 Production Company", Woodcut Media, is tapping into innovative science content on digital platforms, and digital platforms like VICE are engaging in science for cinema in fresh new ways. So, is the experiment working? Our esteemed guests will present their results through exclusive clips and a lively discussion! Be inspired to start your own experiment in science story telling.


• Xavier Aaronson, Producer, Vice Media, US
• Sue Dando, Head of The Nature of Things, CBC, Canada
• Adam Jacobs, Executive Producer, Woodcut Media, UK
• Melanie Wallace, Senior Series Producer NOVA, PBS | WGBH | NOVA, US

Concept & Moderation:

• Ruth Berry, Producer, First Act Films, Germany

Presented by: Documentary Campus e.V. in partnership with Sunny Side of the Doc

Jun 27, 2018
DC Initiative
Masterschool 2018
Auditorium, Espace Encan, La Rochelle, France