Craft Summit in partnership with Sheffield Doc/Fest

Based on the hugely successful Craft Summit which we introduced at Sheffield Doc/Fest 2017, we are delighted to bring it back this year and present to you the latest developments related to the craft of documentary.

The Craft Summit is a day of stimulating panels and talks about the crafts and tech that goes into non-fiction film and programme making. Directors, cinematographers, sound designers, colour graders - all will tell stories of how they’ve developed their craft, the creative choices they make, the tools and workflows they use and what you can learn from it all. Whatever level of filmmaking you’re at, the day will give you ideas, inspiration and practical advice to help you in your work. Speakers have been chosen from around Europe and further afield to give a wide range of perspectives. And we also want to hear from you in these sessions - so come and share your experience and knowledge with fellow filmmakers.

The Craft Summit is curated by Documentary Campus with Krishan Arora, international content consultant for Australian broadcaster SBS Australia, who’ll be your moderator for the day. Krishan is a regular speaker at industry events, documentary festivals and pitching forums.


10:00 - Documentary Subjects: How Close Do You Go?

This interactive and probing session will use the experience of a psychologist to gain insight into the art of directing actuality, the portrayal of character and examine whether we can ever get too close to the subject in documentaries. Using clips from their films and some revealing tests, two filmmakers will put themselves 'on the psychologist’s couch’ to explore how they engage with their subjects and whether and how they ever cross the line.

11:00 - Focus on Cinematography: New Ways of Seeing?

The choices of formats, cameras, lenses and workflows is ever increasing. Is the choice of lens ‘the new film stock’? How small can cameras get? What does the practice of stills photography add to the moving image? With the focus on a film's story or issue, are we paying enough attention to what it actually looks like? Hear filmmakers and DoPs discuss what they use and why they use it.

12:00 - The Colourist: Making a Grade Great

As screens become more high res, colour grading has become an essential tool to work with raw camera images. How can you change the look of a shot, what effect does it have, and are there cost-effective solutions? Hear from a colourist who specialises in bringing black and white archive to life, and a colour grader at a leading post house. We'll discuss online tools and apps as well as high-end kit.

14:00 - Why We Film: Directors and Their Choices

How do documentary filmmakers choose the stories they tell? What does it mean to put your own story on screen? And how do you craft those stories to resonate with global audiences? Two Sundance-winning directors speak with critic and journalist Simran Hans about their filmmaking approach, and share insights into each other’s work.

15:00 - Sound Design: The Art of Noise

As advances in technology mean better sound in cinemas and TVs, and evermore focus on a films soundtrack through headphone use, what can sound designers do for a film? We explore this and more with a director whose debut feature creates a striking portrait of Beirut through sound and image and a sound designer working across documentary and fiction.

16:00 - Animated Documentary: Frame by Frame

As the form evolves, documentary and animation are coming together in surprising ways. Some filmmakers are using the artistic scope of drawn or computer-generated images to create new visual languages; for others it may be a way round the costs of dramatic reconstruction or lack of real footage. Animator Anna Humphries will lead us through a survey of the genre’s range, and we will explore with other panelists the potential for filmmakers to use animation techniques in their work.

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Sabine Kues, Event Manager:

Jun 9, 2018
Sheffield, ITV Town Hall, Reception Room A, United Kingdom, United Kingdom