Craft Summit in partnership with Sheffield Doc/Fest

Based on the hugely successful Craft Summit which we introduced at Sheffield Doc/Fest 2017, we are delighted to bring it back this year and present to you the latest developments related to the craft of documentary.

The Craft Summit is a day of stimulating panels and talks about the crafts and tech that goes into non-fiction film and programme making. Directors, cinematographers, sound designers, colour graders - all will tell stories of how they’ve developed their craft, the creative choices they make, the tools and workflows they use and what you can learn from it all. Whatever level of filmmaking you’re at, the day will give you ideas, inspiration and practical advice to help you in your work. Speakers have been chosen from around Europe and further afield to give a wide range of perspectives. And we also want to hear from you in these sessions - so come and share your experience and knowledge with fellow filmmakers.

The Craft Summit is curated by Documentary Campus with Krishan Arora, international content consultant for Australian broadcaster SBS Australia, who’ll be your moderator for the day. Krishan is a regular speaker at industry events, documentary festivals and pitching forums.

The Full Festival Pass gives you access to the Craft Summit and many other festival activities. For registration follow the link to the right.

We have a special contingent for participants of the Masterschool 2018, alumni of any of our training programmes(Masterschool, Crossing Borders, Campus Latino or MENA) as well as Member companies of Documentary Campus. For discount code, please contact:

Sabine Kues, Event Manager:

Jun 9, 2018
Sheffield, ITV Town Hall, Reception Room A, United Kingdom, United Kingdom