CPH:CONFERENCE in partnership with CPH:DOX

CPH:CONFERENCE is a unique 5-day industry event presented in partnership with CPH:DOX exploring the intersections of film, journalism, technology, science, art and new media.

CPH:CONFERENCE offers an intensive programme of case studies, keynotes, workshops and discussions on the most trending topics of our industry. The event brings together professionals from the worlds of film, journalism, technology, science and art to share knowledge, cultivate new networks and spark collaboration across sectors. Each one of the five days of the conference is dedicated to a different theme and is carefully orchestrated by internationally renowned curators.

CPH:CONFERENCE 2018 was open to all accredited guests as well as the public and took place Monday 19th to Friday 23rd March at 10:00-17:00 at festival center Kunsthal Charlottenborg in central Copenhagen, Denmark.

Monday 19: Science:Film
The conference kicked off with a day dedicated to science and cinema and to the creative exchange between the two. In 2017, CPH:DOX established its regular CPH:SCIENCE programme to underline and support the relevance of science and knowledge in society at large in a time, where established facts are under pressure. The programme consists of activities for audiences, schools, scientific institutions and the professional film world. At CPH:CONFERENCE, we investigated how documentary can be an agent of change between groundbreaking scientific research and an active public. The full-day programme consisted of keynote speakers, case studies and useful take aways. The opening speech was given by Anja Cetti Andersen, Danish astronomer and astrophysicist at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen and newly appointed Professor for the Public Understanding of Science. The programme was curated by Lars Torp (Thin Green Line Productions), independent producer and former Head of Science at the Danish Broadcast Corporation.

Detailed programme for SCIENCE:FILM

Tuesday 20: Film:Tech
The second day of the conference was dedicated to new tendencies in the field between art, technology and social change and was curated by Ingrid Kopp, Co-director, Electric South, and Anna Higgs, film producer and former Creative Director of the online magazine NOWNESS. Together we investigated how our imagination is kept open and democratic in a world where technology increasingly shapes our experience, often without our knowledge or awareness. We did invite innovative artists and creative technologists from all over the world, including Nairobi based Jim Chuchu, Yasmin Elayat, Co-founder and Creative Director, Scatter US and an opening talk by Kamal Sinclair, Director, New Frontier Lab Programs, Sundance Institute, based on her research in ‘Equality in Emerging Media’.

Detailed programme for FILM:TECH

Wednesday 21: Exploring New Formats
The third day of the conference put the spotlight on new platforms for documentary and new ways of reaching younger audiences. From Netflix to YouTube, Whatsapp and Facebook Watch. The programme was curated by Thom Powers, programmer at TIFF and Doc NYC and presented conversations with representatives from the aforementioned platforms concerning their strategies for creative documentary content and case studies of exceptional international productions. We met with Ben Cotner, Director, Original Documentaries, Netflix, USA, filmmakers Chapman Way & Maclain Way behind the upcoming Netflix series ‘Wild, Wild’ Country’ and heard the story of how the popular photo blog Humans of New York was developed into a documentary miniseries for Facebook Watch with two time Oscar-nominated producer Julie Goldman at the helm.

Detailed programme for EXPLORING:FORMATS

Thursday 22: Film:Risk
Under the headline Safe & Secure, the fourth day of our conference focused on the safety of filmmakers and on how their films reach active audiences and make a difference in authoritarian countries where human rights are neglected. The programme was curated by Beadie Finzi, Director of Doc Society and responsible for the global Good Pitch programme. Doc Society recently published a guidebook for filmmakers and financiers to bring down the risks of film production: digital, legal, journalistic, and generally related to health and safety. 'We met with Joaquin Alvarado, the former CEO of The Center for Investigative Reporting and Founder of CoCo Studios, Syrian director Talal Derki, known for his gripping films such as Return to Homs and Prash Naik, Media Lawyer, Crisis Management Advisor & Media Consultant and former General Counsel for Channel 4, among others, in a full-day programme of talks and case studies about the risks of filmmaking today and about navigating fake news and Dark PR.

Detailed programme for FILM:RISK

Friday 23: Art:Film
The last day of the conference was curated by Toke Lykkeberg – art critic, writer and curator. Lykkeberg is a former leader of the exhibition space IMO and was recently appointed as director of the exhibition space Tranen. Art:Film was dedicated to the festival’s extensive focus on the field between contemporary art and cinema and to the meeting of theory and practice in the two worlds. The programme consisted of artist talks and conversations with Danish and international artists, filmmakers and representatives from leading cinema and art institutions.

Detailed programme for ART:FILM


Mar 19, 2018 to Mar 23, 2018
Copenhagen, Denmark