From Notes on Blindness to Titan - Innovative Financing for Innovative Content at Sunny Side 2017

Monday, 19 June: 17:45 - 19:00 @ the Agora

What are the new business models for Virtual Reality? Join us for an in-depth case-study of Agat Films/Ex Nihilo, as Arnaud Colinart shares his nimble approach to the production financing and distribution of Virtual Reality projects. Agat Films/Ex Nihilo received considerable acclaim for Notes on Blindness: Into Darkness, which not only won numerous awards but was also the first VR experience to distributed alongside a film. Their subsequent VR work, Kinoscope and Unrest, had radically different finance plans, signalling a new approach to production financing for a new kind of media, and all of these trailblazing experiences are helping evolve a new approach to distribution and revenue-raising for VR content. Joining Arnaud Colinart will be two of the most enabling financers of immersive media. Anna Charriere of CNC will talk about her approach to financing digital projects and how the CNC works with auteurs to enable the production of creative work in all forms. Gilles Freissinier of ARTE will tell us how he can become involved in financing VR and what the future holds for immersive media within the Franco-German broadcaster. We will also get a sneak-peek pitch of Agat Films/Ex Nihilo’s next VR production, Titan, and a chance to see how a finance plan for VR is built.

- Arnaud Colinart, Agat Films/Ex Nihilo, France
- Anna Charriere, CNC, Canada
- Gilles Freissinier, ARTE, France

- Mark Atkin, Crossover Labs, UK

Presented by: Documentary Campus e.V.

Jun 19, 2017
DC Initiative
Masterschool 2017
Sunny Side of the Doc, Agora, La Rochelle, France