Craft Summit: The Art of Documentary Filmmaking in partnership with Sheffield Doc/Fest

“All art is a kind of exploring...To discover and reveal is the way every artist sets about his business.”
~ Robert Flaherty

This year’s new Craft Summit: The Art of Documentary Filmmaking presented by Documentary Campus will spotlight the creative minds behind our most thought-provoking nonfiction films. Six curated masterclass sessions will reveal the processes, methods, and magic behind documentary story development, directing, shooting, editing, composing, and new serialised formats.

We have worked together with award-winning researcher and curator Elizabeth Klinck, to craft the programme for you. Join us and our amazing speakers at Sheffield Doc/Fest on June 10th at Sheffield ITV Town Hall, Reception Room A.


10.00 - 10.15
Welcome Address

  • Donata von Perfall (Director, Documentary Campus)
  • Elizabeth Klinck (Archive Producer, E. Klinck Research)

10.15 - 11.15
The Art of Story

“Storytellers broaden our minds: engage, provoke, inspire, and ultimately, connect us.” ~ Robert Redford

We open the Craft Summit with international story development guru Fernanda Rossi. Together, we will explore the principles of storytelling and story structure, both traditional and new. After this session, you will have expanded your storytelling toolkit and will find solutions to your story that are true to your vision.

  • Fernanda Rossi (Writer/Speaker, Fernanda Rossi)

11.15 - 12.15
The Art of Directing

“A great director gives life to a work of art, gives it a heartbeat… a pulse… opens its eyes to the world.”
~ A.D. Posey

Award-winning director Jihan El-Tahri will take us through the highlights of her impressive international career as well as the most difficult decisions she had to make as a director. Together with director Julia Dahr, who’s film Thank You for the Rain is screening at the Festival, they will explore different approaches to the art of documentary film directing.

  • Jihan El-Tahri (Director/Producer, Second Sister Productions)
  • Julia Dahr (Director, differmedia)

12.15 - 13.15
The Art of Cinematography

“I don’t really believe in the mystery of cinematography – what happens in the camera is what the cinematographers create and all that nonsense.”
~ Roger Deakins

Our distinguished international directors/cinematographers will reveal their secrets, successes (and failures) of shooting a variety of documentary styles. How do they artistically construct scenes, interviews, and observation shots to create memorable films?

  • Shaul Schwartz (Cinematographer / Director, Reel Peak Films)
  • Egil Håskjold Larsen (Director, 69 Minutes of 86 Days)

13.15 - 14.15
Lunch Break

14.15 - 15.30
The Art of Editing and Sound Design

“Film editing is now something almost everyone can do at a simple level and enjoy it, but to take it to a higher level requires the same dedication and persistence that any art form does.”
~ Walter Murch

Join legendary editor Walter Murch as he discusses his body of work with Taghi Amirani. Universally acknowledged as a master of picture editing and sound design, Murch will examine the techniques and artistic skill of post-production.

  • Taghi Amirani (Amirani Media)
  • Walter Murch (Editor / Sound Designer)

15.30 - 16.30
The Art of Musical Score

“The film composer choreographs the emotional currents swirling among the images on the screen. When it is done properly, the audience feels rather than hears the music…”
~ Barry Morrow

A well-crafted musical score can make a profound difference in a film. The right chemistry between a filmmaker and composer can help achieve the visceral cinematic experience that we all yearn for as audience members. Join composers Nainita Desai and Balz Bachmann’s conversation on the art of film scoring.

  • Balz Bachmann (Film Composer)
  • Nainita Desai (Film Composer, Nainita Desai)

16.30 - 17.30
The Art of the Doc Series

“We realized that the important thing was not the film itself but that which the film provoked.”
~ Fernando Solanas

Serialised storytelling has become a major part of the documentary landscape and a top priority for broadcasters and SVOD platforms. Lately serialised documentaries have not only been on everyone’s minds but also winning awards. We look at what makes a good project by talking to two people who have excelled in the making of documentary series.

  • Ben Steele (Director, The Producer Director)
  • Charlotte Cook (Executive Producer, Field of Vision)

Craft Summit Drinks: The Art of Networking
The Documentary Campus team invites you to the Art of Networking to conclude the Craft Summit. Mingle with speakers and colleagues - new and old.


For a full overview of all festival activities, go to: Sheffield Doc/Fest Schedule


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Jun 10, 2017
DC Initiative
Masterschool 2017
Sheffield, ITV Town Hall, Reception Room A, United Kingdom